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Treatment Options

Rediscover your voice

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Individual Therapy Sessions


Everything that you need & want to be is within you. Doubts about yourself can prevent you from recognizing all that you are, just as you are. 

My goal is to help you rediscover the answers within that transform these doubts into self-confidence, as well as teach you tools and strategies to increase performance overall.

Through a process of 1.) identifying thoughts that block your energy flow; 2.) clearing away these blocks; & 3.) learning strategies to create new habits of thinking and doing, you will learn how to use your abilities and energy in the most effective way.

The mind-body connection means you will clear emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks (past and present), so that you can do all that you want to do effortlessly.

​You will feel a difference in your energy (vitality) in the very first session.

Stone Tower

Mentoring Available

For energy practitioners & speech language pathologists

My journey as a holistic practitioner began and continues because of mentors. My intent is to share all that was 'poured' into me, with you.

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